Saturday, June 19


One of my favorite parts of owning a home is that I can follow through with all the decorations, projects and ideas I have. For example, my backyard is getting a major overhaul this summer. Dad and I are building a deck (with the help of my brothers). I'm adding a small retreat with a hammock and bird bath, building a flowerbed and adding stepping stones to the side yard.

I'm a creative person, I think that's why I found renting such a frustrating experience. When I look around my surrounding I picture the way I want things to look; the changes I want to make, furniture or decor I should add, etc. With a rental property you're limited by what your landlord approves.

But the best thing about dreams is that once you've brought one to life there are plenty more to come up with. Here are a few projects I won't get to this summer, but I am so excited to see the finished result someday!
  • Once my deck is finished I really want to screen in the porch area. While I love my porch and the new deck, mosquitoes and I have a love/hate relationship (they adore me, I loathe them) so I often limit my time outdoors. If I screen in the porch I can open up my french doors without letting critters into the house and maybe even put a table outside so I can enjoy my meals out there without losing any blood. Another great addition to the porch would be a ceiling fan for the warmer months.
  • The original washer/dryer hook-ups at my house were in the garage. A laundry room has since been built, but the plumbing for the old washer hook-up is still there. I really want to add a utility sink out there; great for jobs like washing the dog, soaking clothes or rinsing off muddy shoes!
  • My big dream: a second bathroom. I love my house, but I think a second bathroom would be a great investment on many levels. The laundry room is enormous and could easily be divided into a small bathroom and laundry area. I love to go through the bathroom supplies area at Lowe's or Home Depot and look and sinks and showers to find ones I like. Unfortunately, this project will probably cost close to $10,000. It will probably be a few years before I can afford it and even then I'll need a second loan to cover the cost. :(
 What are some of your big (or small) dreams? Any of those dreams brought to completion?

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