Monday, July 12

A Place Worth Visiting...

A few months ago I was hunting for the perfect piece of furniture for a long wall in my living room. I knew exactly what I wanted, a credenza in a mid-century style that was good quality and in my price range.

I searched several furniture stores without luck--until I drove by an eye-catching store on 15th Street with an awesome sampling of furniture and decor out front. The store was called Joz and as soon as I walked in I fell in love. I wandered through rooms with dozens of treasures--among the treasures was a teak wood credenza that co-owners Joe and Johnna said they thought was Danish, built in the mid-80s. The piece was perfect for my living room and the price was still within my budget. Plus I love that it has a little bit of history. (Bonus tip: it's too dark to see in the picture, but that awesome oil decoupage was $10 at the Tulsa Flea Market. Love it!)

I mention Joz now because as I was browsing one of the blogs I follow I found a post devoted to this Tulsa jewel, complete with pictures. To see the photos and post about Joz check out Tasha Does Tulsa. After reading her post I'm dying to head over there again!

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