Saturday, October 23


So today at Lowe's I saw these:
I specifically like the red ones.
I was reminded that I really want to install some lights like these in my kitchen over the bar:
The lights would hang from that wall section.
I would need to hire an electrician though, so I need to figure out how much this "little" project would cost.

Don't you think the accent lights would look awesome? My kitchen is mostly black with red accents, which is why the red lights drew me the most. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the one to the far left has an awesome shape and several shades of red worked into the glass.

Other Thoughts...
Also, I'm playing with the idea of staining the cabinets a gray that would match the color of the grout in the counter tops instead of painting. Dad thinks that may also be a project that I would be better off hiring someone for--whether I stain or paint. (read more about my cabinets here)

My friend Ashley helped me design a logo and a new "look" for the blog this weekend. I love what she did with the header (the adorable little house and splash of color). Hope everyone loves it as much as I do!


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