Saturday, November 13


I highly recommend them! 

This weekend my brother Garrison came out to help my dad do a few things around my house.

While my dad worked on the deck, Garrison climbed up on the roof and cleaned out my gutters (a job that I would be way too nervous to do myself). He took a leaf blower up on the roof and just worked his way around blowing the leaves out.

Of course, that's just one of the ways my brothers have helped me out. Spencer mows my yard throughout the year, all four boys helped with the deck and last fall they helped clean my gutters and mulch my leaves. They've dug out tree stumps, hauled mulch and watered the plants.

Burns digging out a really stubborn tree stump.
So thank you to Spencer, Burns, Garrison and Taggert for all the help keeping up my yard looking good!

Measuring the hole before putting in the cement.

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