Thursday, July 21

Living Near a Swamp (No Longer)

I've posted before about the swamp next door that breeds mosquitoes and makes my yard miserable. I've also posted about possible solutions on my part for eradicating pests, especially mosquitoes.

Can you then imagine my excitement when I came home from Arkansas a couple weeks ago and saw my neighbor in her back yard CLEANING THE POOL!?

Apparently during my week vacation she had someone drain the yucky water, replace the broken pump and was busy sanitizing the walls so she could refill the pool with sparkling chlorinated water. Ok, so maybe the water isn't a sparkling blue, but it is chlorinated which should help keep the nasty bugs at bay.

This was the second time I've met this neighbor. The house has gone through three owners since I moved in nearly two years ago. I guess I finally lucked out and got a neighbor interested in fixing up the property. I didn't get an invitation to come swim, but wow from my level of excitement you would think I had. Maybe my yard will actually become bearable in the next few years!

So check out the new view:
Eventually I plan to dig out these
crazy bushes that are destroying the fence.
Maybe I'll add a gate too...
Asking you...
What pet peeves or eyesores do you wish your neighbors would fix?

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