Monday, August 15

A Turquoise Lamp

I've been noticing turquoise lamps in a lot of the home magazines lately. They are generally the perfect accent piece for the room. And seeing how perfect they look made me want one--just not enough to shell out $50 (or more) to get one.

So I started thinking about the lamp in my office. It's a great lamp, but the color/design doesn't necessarily mesh with the rest of the room (or my plan for the rest of the room I guess).

I decided this lamp was meant to be turquoise.

At first I thought the best way to paint this lamp would be to get a high-shine spray paint in turquoise, but I quickly discovered that there are no turquoise spray paints on the market. I checked Walmart, Lowe's and Home Depot without success. I decided to get a can of paint instead.

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Don't you agree that turquoise will just make that corner pop? Have you all seen the lamps I'm referring to?

After two coats of paint the lamp was starting to look just how I pictured, but the old lampshade (which worked great with the sandstone color) was completely wrong for the updated look. So I made a trip to Target to look at lampshades. (I love Target's lampshades! And Target in general.)

I was looking for a white or linen colored shade in a "drum" shape. I think what I found is perfect. Check it out:
After (lamp on)

Here's what it looks like when it isn't on:
After (lamp off)
The camera doesn't capture the exact shade of blue that I painted the lamp, but you get the best idea in the picture where the lamp is one. That strip at the top where the lamplight is shining is pretty close. Overall, I'm thrilled with the project.

The lampshade is white and has a ripple design that gives it texture. It makes it fun to look at whether the light is on or off. I bought just a pint of paint, but this project barely made a dent in the can. Any ideas of what else I should paint turquoise?


  1. I've actually acquired 2 turquoise lamps in the past 3 is one in my office:

    The other is in our photo available. ;-) Both flea market/junk shop finds.

  2. P.S. I love your new lamp!

  3. Thanks, I just feel like a turquoise lamp is the perfect addition to any room. :)


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