Monday, September 5

Two + One

I forgot in the craziness that was July and August to celebrate on of my anniversaries as a homeowner. August 1st marked two years since I moved into my house. My life was so hectic back then (not that it is less hectic now). Since I didn't get a chance to take notice of that momentous occasion I decided to celebrate 2 years + one month with this post going through some of the changes from the past two years.

Before move in began.
Oliver moved in...
Fall 2009, new sod and a tree in the flowerbed!
Summer 2010, starting to build the deck.
Updated bathroom.
Christmas 2010
Spring/Summer 2011
Keep your eye out for the next post of How To: Build a Deck! I know it's been a never-ending project, but over Labor Day my dad and I finished the railing and so the second post is almost ready to go. You can read part one by clicking on the link above.
So much has happened in the past two years, fitting everything into one post would be impossible. Thanks for tagging along though!

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