Saturday, February 8

Influenster: Dove Voxbox

My free sample of Dove advanced care deodorant!
I received my third voxbox this month and it included one of my favorites!

I've used Dove deodorant for a while, although not this specific product. The Dove advanced care is supposed to moisturize your underarms as well as helping with odor and perspiration. As you can see on the box the company states that 36% of what you remove by shaving is skin, increasing the need to moisturize the area.

For me that isn't as much of an issue. I chose to start laser hair removal on my underarms last spring. I was wary of the claims about laser hair removal since I attempted it in high school with no lasting results. However, a friend of mine works for Ideal Image and explained that a lot of places that do laser hair removal use the wrong type of laser. The lasers designed for things other than laser hair removal often leave a small part of the hair root which allows the hair to grow back over time. That's likely what happened with my first experience with laser hair removal.

So far my experience with Ideal Image has been great. I only have a few more appointments for my underarms (you have to go back several times every other month or so) and despite the expense so far I've noticed a huge difference which makes it worth it.

All that to say, I haven't had to shave under my arms as often and soon I won't need to at all. So I'm not too worried about the amount of skin removed by shaving. It's still important to moisturize your underarms though, just like you would any other area of your skin. That's what actually got me started using Dove deodorant several years ago.

About five years ago I remember reading an article about how you should moisturize your underarms and it mentioned the skin seeming dry and flaky. Which made me notice the skin around my underarms did seem dry. Dove was one of the products the article mentioned so I decided to give it a try, within a few days I noticed my skin seemed healthier.

For the past few months I've been using Dove cleartone deodorant, which is supposed to help moisturize and even skin tone. I picked up this option because I've always had problems with the skin under my arms being darker. I'm not sure how much of the change was the deodorant and how much is the laser hair removal (my friend mentioned lightened skin tone as a possible side effect), but my underarms seem lighter.

Between the cleartone and the advanced care it did feel like the advanced care sample went on smoother, but I'm not sure I can tell a difference in the protection or how moisturizing the products are. I recommend giving Dove's deodorants a try, I'm so excited I got free sample!

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  1. Just a head's up, for anyone in the Tulsa area who is interested in Dove's deodorant, there are some coupons that were in the recent mailer. Found them today!


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