Saturday, August 22

Influenster: Sally Hansen #AirbrushPerfectLegs Voxbox

My Sally Hansen #airbrushperfectlegs voxbox
I recently received an Influenster Voxbox with Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs cream. I was a bit suspicious of the product having never used anything like self-tanners or similar products, but with law school starting I had several events where smooth, flawless legs would be a nice perk.

I applied the cream on Saturday evening before going to a mixer at a upscale bar downtown. I wore light-colored capris and it was already evening, so I'm not sure the difference was that noticeable. I wasn't sure I liked the product (it felt like it left a light residue on my skin), but I definitely noticed the difference when I applied it. When I got home I was also impressed to see that the product had not rubbed off onto my pants.

Right leg done, left leg bare
The package directions said to apply the cream (lightly near knees and ankles) and let set before dressing. My first leg was dry before I even finished with the second, but I gave it another couple of minutes before dressing. According to the package the color comes off with soap and water, but since I had another event Sunday afternoon I decided to see how well the product would hold up overnight.

On Sunday I wore a skirt to the reception I had in the afternoon. Since the product didn't rub off or smear overnight I didn't reapply the cream. At the reception I was sitting and talking with a friend and she asked if I was wearing hose! That's pretty impressive.

I did wash the product off after the reception and it came off fairly easy with soap. Overall I'd say this is a great option if you need something to smooth out your skin for an event, but aren't willing to commit to hose. I'm not sure I'm worried enough about my legs looking "airbrushed" to go buy this product, but it works great.

The only other thing I would say is that I didn't worry overly much about blending the cream above my hemline, but if you had seen my thighs the difference between "airbrushed" and natural skin was obvious. If you're planning on wearing this with a bathing suit or want to create a more gradual transition from the cream to your natural skin color you may need to stop closer to your panty line rather than mid-thigh like I did.

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