Thursday, June 23

Influenster: Sprout Voxbox

I got some great products in my latest Influenster voxbox!
If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably know by now that I often get free product samples from Influenster. My latest voxbox had some exciting new products that I'd never tried before!

The results of my shampoo/conditioner sample!
One of the products was a shampoo and conditioner sample by Hair Food. This was not a brand I was familiar with, but I enjoyed the sample enough that when I was at Target next I bought this brand. I was using a product that I tried as a sample from a previous voxbox, but conveniently I was almost out of shampoo and Target happened to have the Hair Food products on sale. Perfect timing!

I also received a sample of EatSmart chips, which were really good! I’m not a big fan of really spicy salsa so I usually buy mild. However, in this case the CHIPS had a bit of a kick which was a nice compliment to the mild salsa. I could see them being really good with queso or guacamole as well. I didn’t save any for my brothers since I enjoyed them so much, but I could see them really liking a spicy chip to go with the scorch-your-mouth salsa they like. I’ll probably buy these again in the future, although I haven't noticed them at my grocery store. I'll need to look for them next time I go shopping for groceries.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Curate bar I received, but I’d be willing to try different flavors. I do typically have a granola bar for breakfast during the week, so that’s when I tried this one which was Balsamic Fig and Hazelnut flavor. It was ok, but didn’t make me want to run out and buy a box like I did when I tried a sample of the ? bar from a previous voxbox.

I was somewhat skeptical of the ECOS detergent sample I received, but I was impressed. I usually wash a large load of clothes when I get around to doing laundry, and the sample I received was more than up to the challenge. I’d have to consider the price before deciding whether to buy this in the future, but if it’s comparable to other detergents on the market I would definitely use this product again!

Generally, protein drinks aren’t my thing. However, I tried the Orgain sample I received and enjoyed it! I mixed it up in the blender with a banana, berries, ice, and some milk so it was a bit like a smoothie. I probably won't start buying it since I don't typically drink these, but it was nice for an afternoon snack.

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