Tuesday, October 12

How the Heck Do I Clean Hardwood Floors?

I hate cleaning floors. Almost more than I hate cleaning toilets or dusting. That said since buying my house I've been a little befuddled on how to clean the floors.

Growing up we always had carpet and tile floors. Those are fairly simple to clean, you either vacuum or you sweep and mop with Pine Sol or bleach. But now I have hardwood floors. I'm afraid chemicals will damage the wood. And while I have googled cleaning hardwood floors, most of the suggestions don't seem to work.

To be honest I think the reason I hate cleaning floors is because maneuvering around furniture and rugs is such a hassle. It's easy enough to sweep or run a vacuum through the house, but that still leaves a film of dirt on the floor. Mopping requires a lot more work. Moving chairs and rugs, creating a strategy to avoid blocking yourself into a corner and apparently it isn't a good idea to leave the hardwood floors to dry--what I've read suggests going back around with a towel to dry the floor. And that's AFTER you've found a product that actually cleans the floors.

I did find a product at Celadon Road that is meant for wood floors, but I really don't know much about the company or products (so if anyone has used their products before let me know!). Last time I mopped I used a baking soda and water mixture, but it left a film behind. I've been thinking of using a vinegar/water mixture. I've also been told I should oil the floor with Murphy's Oil. I bought some, but haven't used it since I'm not really sure the best way to use it.

While I complain about cleaning my floors I will say two things. They are gorgeous! The previous owner was wise enough not to wax them when they were redone and I can't imagine what my house would look like with any other flooring. Also, I imagine even without being mopped regularly hardwood floors are still cleaner than carpet.

So, any suggestions? I assume there are some experienced hardwood floor owners out there!


  1. Murphy's: squeeze it directly on the floor, mop.

  2. Yeah, I hear it's not hard to oil a wood floor, I think I'm just nervous since I've never done it before. Don't want to mess up the floor.


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