Friday, October 15

I Want to Sleep on a Cloud...

At the fair last week there was that section where you can try out a wide variety of mattresses. After a full work week and walking around the fair for two hours those mattresses are very tempting. Things like this tend to happen:

Now that said, I've wanted to try out a TEMPUR-pedic for a while. I've seen all those commercials (as intended) it made me curious. You know what I discovered? I covet this mattress. It's like laying on a piece of heaven.

Both the mattresses on my beds were free. They came with the frames--which I collected with my other furniture from very generous family members over the past couple of years. Now I've been ruined for a regular mattress. Even my 3 inch thick foam mattress pad doesn't make up for not having a TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe. Priced at $2,899 this may just be the newest item on my wish list. Although if I ever do have the money to spare I would probably also have trouble convincing myself to pay that much money for something I don't truly NEED.

Then again the salesmen at the fair did promise those of us in the picture a discount if we reminded them that we were one of the girls from the fair. They said they were going to be selling TEMPUR-pedic mattresses at several local retailers and they were at the fair to promote that. I guess the discount depends on whether I go to the right location though, huh?


  1. and another link from apartment therapy...all my perusing there reminds me of your posts! :)

    i think he wants to test out a tempurpedic.

  2. Ha! He certainly tried everything else. :)


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