Thursday, December 30

A New Year Update

I ordered the cushion covers for my new sofa cushions!

I got my living room sofa for free when my grandparents sold the family cabin, and for the most part it's great. It's comfy and it folds out into a double bed. However, the cushions for the back of the sofa are about an inch thick. And they don't match my decor.

Current couch cushions.
My solution was to go buy Euro size pillows (the ones that are about 27"x27"), so I've had those for a few months now. However, usually you buy shams to go with them. Without the shams they're just a plain white pillow. When I began searching for shams I found some I loved at Saffron Marigold, but I wasn't quite ready to shell out $100 for an "extra" purchase.

I've had Saffron Marigold listed in my "Websites I Love" section for a while now. I love that their fabrics are printed by artisan owned studios in India using eco-friendly fabric dyes. Plus the owners say they are "fully committed to arts and crafts revival and fair trade as a means to safeguard traditional crafts, create employment, and promote economic self-sufficiency." For that reason they work with artisans who love and are proud of what they do and pay fair wages to the artisans they employ. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, I haven't gotten the cushion covers yet, but I wanted to share about Saffron Marigold because they are having a sale this week! From now until January 2 all of their merchandise is up to 30% off. The shams I wanted were about $20 cheaper than usual, so I used some Christmas money to order them.

I will (of course) let you know what I think once they come in and I'll share some pics of how the sofa looks with the new cushions.

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