Sunday, December 26

Saint Francis and my Garden

So as I've mentioned before, my yard was a mess when I bought my house. I think it's come a long way since then, but I'm still gradually adding things.

I spent Christmas at my grandmother's house with my mom's family. We open gifts on Christmas Eve, a process that always devolves into complete chaos as we attempt to keep everyone opening gifts in an orderly manner. Generally this means that the younger kids start ripping everything open while the adults try to make sure they see everyone open their gifts. Then the kids are sent off to play with their new toys while the adults open their gifts. In the middle of this, one of my brothers brought in my gift from my aunts and uncle.

One thing I wanted for my front flower bed was a garden statue. As a Catholic, I couldn't think of anything better than a statue of St. Francis. However, those statues can start to add up cost-wise. My aunt and uncle went in together found me the perfect statue. I thought you all would enjoy seeing my St. Francis statue in its new home.

Remember to picture the back of that flowerbed full of light green and yellow eunomynus bushes. I also need to find some sort of plant that will fill in the flowerbed (and look pretty).

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