Wednesday, December 8

A Perfect Accent

I mentioned in a previous post that I bought the lights for my bar area. Beautiful red glass globes, they will set off my kitchen perfectly! At that time, however, I was still looking for an electrician. Last week I got a couple of recommendations and took the first step to getting this project finished--I called them.

Out of the three electricians I called only one returned my call and we met at my house on Monday for him to see the area and give me a price quote. The company I've decided to use is Elite Electric in Broken Arrow. I chose them partly because they were recommended by a friend, but mostly because I work on the theory that a company that doesn't have my business yet, but doesn't even bother to return my call is probably a company I don't want to do business with anyway. Elite Electric called me back the same day I called them.

Here's what I learned when I met with Terry from Elite Electric: 
  • My rafters run from east to west. This might cause some complications when they are spacing the pendant lights, but Terry promised they'll make sure the lights are evenly spaced.
  • I need to buy the entire light fixture ahead of time (right now I just have the glass globes) so they know whether the lights will be high or low "impact." I gather that this will make a difference as to the type of power box they install for the lights to connect with.
  • It will be easier to put the light switch next to the switches already installed. Mainly because the other wall near the bar is an exterior wall and has more insulation.
  • This project should only take an electrician about three hours. Elite Electric charges $70/hr. I was considering having them just set up the wiring and then Dad and I installing the lights. That would save me approximately $35, which I don't think is worth the hassle.
  • The electrician can come over before I leave for work and I don't need to stay. That might be because my brother will probably still be here though. It will be awesome if I don't need to take the day off work to get this done though.
I was very impressed overall. Terry arrived early, before I even made it home from lunch. He said he could have someone out by next week, but I plan to wait until after the holidays. I don't want to mess with having a big project in my kitchen/living space while all my decorations are up and my schedule is so hectic.

Speaking of decorations, I know I've promised pictures. Unfortunately I'm still not finished getting everything set up. Everything is looking awesome though!


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