Thursday, January 13

Easy Home Exercises

I joined into a pact (of sorts) with a group of buddies around the start of the year. My friend Ashley Daly stepped up and encouraged us to join the website On Lose It you can set a weight loss goal, record your food intake and exercise activity and "weigh in" periodically. The site graphs your calories, weight loss and other information so that it's easy to keep track of. But the truly motivating part is being able to "friend" people so that you have a built in support group.

I realize that I'm only a few days into the program, but I already feel so encouraged and more motivated than ever. However, I know one weak area for me is exercise. I have a hard time getting my butt to the gym or going for a walk once I get home. The expense and my lack of time (especially in the winter when it gets cold and dark earlier) are part of that, but I'm working on coming up with some exercises that I can do at home. 

What I've Come Up With
  1.  Step Aerobics- Somehow I inherited my mom's old step aerobics equipment. I don't have a video, but I'm certain I could design my own exercise. Do you think this apparel is a must?
  2. Weighted Hula Hoop- Half an hour with one of these things will burn 400 calories. I usually stick to 5 minutes at a time and you have to work your way up to 30 minutes because the hoop can cause muscle soreness. I bought mine at in Tulsa for about $50, but they are available online as well.
  3. Resistance Bands and Dumbbell- I bought these a while ago, but they've been hiding in my closet. I pulled out the dumbbell while watching a Bones marathon on Netflix last weekend. It's super easy to do a couple reps while watching TV.
  4. Pilates video- I bought a set of mat pilates videos for really cheap a few years ago, but never used them. Despite having most of the equipment I need, I generally prefer to attend an actual class. I love Carbon in Tulsa. They offer reformer, tower and mat classes and are constantly adding new options. I'm going to try to pull out the videos though so that I'm able to keep up with the regulars in class.
  5. Online classes- There are a couple of options that I am considering using. One is a website that specifically offers online pilates classes. I found them through a Facebook ad (just in case you wondered if those ever work). The other is Self magazines website. At no cost you can cobble together your own workout specifically designed to hit your target areas. Ashley actually tipped me off to them (here).
  6. Cardio- I think cardio is harder to do at home. My hula hoop and the step aerobics will help, but jumping jacks and jogging in place are the two best ways I've found to get my heart rate up. Does anyone else have any suggestions for good stay-at-home cardio that doesn't require a lot of equipment?
  7. Exercise Ball- I bought an exercise ball this week after a couple of co-workers said they found them on sale for $10 at Academy. I haven't decided yet if I'll take it to the office to replace my chair or keep it at the house to work out with at home. I'm leaning toward using it at home though.
  8. Walk the dog- I often feel guilty as a pet owner that Ollie doesn't get more attention. One of the major things that bothers me is that I don't walk him enough. In the winter it's usually dark before I make it home, but I think I'll make it a goal to take him on more walks on weekends and--once the days get longer--evenings. It's amazing what daily walks can do--my mom is a perfect example of this.
Mom in the middle. She started walking daily 3 years ago.
Doesn't she look awesome?
What Do You Do?
So there are some of my ideas. I would love to hear any suggestions you have for working out at home. What New Year's resolutions do you all have?


  1. I am using to track calories and fitness and you're right, a tracker makes things a lot easier! As far as exercise, if you have cox, there are a lot of free exercise programs on demand. Belly dancing, Jillian from Biggest Loser, kick boxing etc...they have tons to choose from. I am lucky that there is a LA Fitness right down the street where the staff knows me and makes me feel guilty if I don't come in for a few days.

  2. Hey Steph! I've heard of livestrong too, I wonder how it compares to loseit. I don't have cable, something in me rebels at the idea of paying for it. :) I've thought about investing in something like a wii though.

    Isn't it awesome to have a gym where the staff actually knows you? I was a member of one in Sand Springs that was like that, but when I moved to a new job in Tulsa I stopped going there. Just not convenient enough anymore.


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