Sunday, January 16

Special Visit

On Thursday I left work a little early for a special date. My old college roomie was coming through town and wanted to hang out for a little while. As a special bonus she had her daughter, Hailey, with her.

Hailey was a little fussy after
being on the airplane all day.

Last time I saw Steph was in Seattle back in August and Hailey wasn't born yet. It was so much fun to show Steph the house (she'd never visited me at this house before), enjoy some girl talk and cuddle with the baby.

Steph and Hailey
Steph is such an awesome mommy. She said that she tailors all the standard lullabies to include Hailey's name (i.e. Hailey Has a Little Lamb) and makes up verses. Fitting since she tried the music major thing in college and has been writing stories since she could spell.

We didn't get to hang out long, but I was so glad that it worked out for us to see each other. And I'm so happy that I have a place where I can really invite company to come visit me at. I think in 2011 I'm going to try planning more events at my home. I love company!

Steph and I, the front camera on my iphone isn't high quality.

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