Thursday, February 24

The Color Orange

The lighting makes it difficult to see, but the vase
is yellow with orange and green spots that pick up the
same colors in the coasters and flowers.
When I bought my new coasters I started rearranging my living room trying to find the perfect place to display them. Since the coasters had orange accents I grabbed an orange perfume bottle from my collection, but still needed something to fill out the space.

I was trying to decide what else to use to round out the grouping when it occurred to me that the vase I painted at Purple Glaze the week before would be perfect!

My book club ladies and I plan at least one non-book event a month, and we've gone to Purple Glaze a few times. We bring snacks, a couple bottles of wine and go to town on some pottery. I found my book club on a couple years ago and joined because a book club sounded like a great way to meet people. I really started getting to know these ladies when I went with them on a weekend trip to Branson about a year ago and I just love spending time with all of them.

There are a few things about the vase that I wish I had done differently, but after I added some flowers from Garden Ridge (they have an awesome false flower collection) I think it really finished the look.

Love the final result!

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