Sunday, February 27

Good Morning Surprise!

I've been thinking all weekend about what to post about, and I had several ideas. But when I woke up this morning I was welcomed by this:
This tree was a gift from a friend from book club who was moving to New York. She didn't have room for a hibiscus tree in the car so I happily claimed it. Until recently the tree has seemed pretty happy, but has mostly just been some scraggily branches with leaves. This is the first time it's bloomed.

Close up!
But don't those gorgeous flowers just make it worth it?

I put the tree in my office because it likes lots of sun and hates cold weather. Since the bedrooms in my house stay much warmer than my living room I felt the tree would be happier in my warm, sunny office (even though I have more room for a tree in the living room). Once the weather gets consistently warmer I'll move the tree onto the back deck for a while.

I also took some pictures of the orchid I bought around Valentine's Day.

So far it seems pretty happy in my kitchen. The instruction card says it wants indirect lighting (perfect for my house) and a friend said they like very humid atmospheres and not to overwater it. Apparently they draw practically all the water they need from the atmosphere.

Here's to hoping I can keep it alive!

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