Wednesday, March 23

Making Space Make Sense

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about my bathroom upgrades? In that post I mentioned one project I wanted to do--adding more shelves to one of the cabinets. Well, I did!

You all wanted to see what I put
in my bathroom cabinet, right?
Picture this tall cabinet without the second or fourth shelves. When I bought the house this cabinet had exactly three shelves (one of those being the bottom of the cabinet) which meant there was a lot of wasted space. Nothing I store in the cabinet needs two feet of space. 

So I bought plywood (about 2 ft. by 2 ft.) and my dad cut it down to the right measurements and helped fit it in the cabinet. Making sure the shelves were cut to the correct measurements was the hardest part. To put them in the cabinet we just made sure the shelves were level, screwed in a couple strips of wood and laid the new shelves on top.

We added two shelves which means there is now an awesome amount of usable space in that cabinet. Any stories out there of simple fixes that made a place or item more useful?

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