Wednesday, March 2

Perfect Idea

I've been trying to come up with possible ways to add bookshelf space to my house. Right now I have three boxes of books sitting in my attic because I didn't have space on the bookshelves. And I'm starting to double up rows of books on the shelf space I do have.

One space that I could put a bookshelf is in my bedroom. I would need something narrow that would go with my light wood furniture and gold accents. I was wandering through Garden Ridge a few days ago and saw this shelf.

I think this might be perfect, but I decided against buying it right away. It cost over $100 so it will be an investment. In the picture you can see that it comes in both the gold and an espresso color, I would get the gold color.

Hopefully the shelf will stay in stock long enough for me to consider whether to make the purchase. Finding something this unique again might take a while.


  1. Can I just say something? Buy that shelf. Buy it now.

  2. That's what I'd like to do Tasha! Unfortunately I'm working on planning ahead on "big" purchases. I'll need to save up the money before spending it on an extra like this. But isn't the shelf awesome?!


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