Monday, May 23

Eating Outside

So it's been nearly a year since I found this awesome porch table on sale at Target. Since then I have been hunting for chairs. The table isn't very usable without seating so I wanted to find a set of outdoor chairs that matched the table. I also wanted cast iron chairs because they last, my mom has a set that she's had for at least 15 years. Unfortunately most of the sets I like are $40 per chair.

Last week I was visiting Home Depot and happened to walk by there outdoor furniture section. They had a variety of chairs for $32/chair. Still not an awesome price, but it was cheaper and I liked the chairs. I gave in and bought them. Now I can actually sit outside!

Doesn't the table look inviting with the pot of strawberry plants and the chairs? I plan to buy or make cushions soon, something colorful and bright I think. Maybe once the outdoor patio items go on sale I can find some cushions at a good price.

Future plans for the porch include a ceiling fan to replace the light fixture that is currently there and screening in the area so that I can open up those french doors for events during the warmer months. Right now I would be letting every bug in Oklahoma in my house if I opened the french doors.

I'm also looking into planting mosquito repellent plants around the edges of my deck to discourage the pests. Mosquitoes are one creature that I do not believe serves a purpose, would killing off the entire population really hurt the ecosystem?

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