Friday, May 27


So those of you who grew up in tornado alley know the drill. Find shelter, hide in a room with no windows and no exterior walls, bring a mattress, pillows, etc. Or head to the front porch to see if you can see anything.

The storms on Tuesday reminded me that I really have no "tornado hide-out" in my home. All the rooms have windows and my only closets with actual doors are tiny or on exterior walls. I ended up hanging out in my bathtub for a few minutes (even though there's a window in the bathroom) when the sirens went off.

Most of the time the storms don't even phase me, nearly 25 years in Oklahoma and no close call with a tornado (fingers crossed that that holds true for the next 25!) means that most of the time I don't worry too much. However, the damage to Alabama and Joplin and the way this storm was talked up concerned me some. 

It made me wonder if I should invest in some sort of tornado shelter. I know they make underground shelters or in home safe rooms, but I have a feeling those are way out of my meager price range.

What do you do during storms? Any tornado or storm experiences to share?

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