Monday, July 4

Independence Day

I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful Independence Day and to thank our troops who ensure our right to freedom of speech, religion and to live in peace.

I welcomed in July 4th this year by praying my power would come back on. My street lost power (along with about 200 other PSO customers) yesterday afternoon. Not only did that mean no A/C during one of the hottest times of year, but it meant that all the food in my refrigerator was slowly thawing and the internet was down.
Sometimes I'm not so sure the independence of becoming an adult is a good thing.
Luckily the power came back on just after midnight, so I'm very grateful for all those PSO/AEP crews that spent at least nine hours during Independence Day weekend to make sure I had power.

None of my food seems to have spoiled, my house is reasonably cool and my internet is back, so tonight I'm ready to celebrate our nation's (and my own) independence!


  1. We've lost power in the heat of the summer for 3 days and in the depths of winter for 7 days. I don't know which is worse. I do know it's tough to be adult during those times! Glad you got power back quickly and didn't lose your food.

  2. My gut instinct is to say winter is worse (I hate being cold). But having lost power during the ice storm of 2007 and this summer, I will say at least in the winter you can set the groceries outside and pile on the blankets. Plus if you have a fireplace you can cook and warm yourself somewhat.


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