Wednesday, June 22

It was my birthday!

In an earlier post I showed you the perfect porch table I found for just $60. I mentioned that I finally broke down and bought some chairs despite the expense, but I still had some plans for my back porch. Among those plans were cushions for the new chairs. And since I plan to have company over to enjoy the deck I wanted to complete the look.

When I began looking, however, I discovered that seat cushions ran around $40 per cushion. And I wasn't finding many patterns I liked either. I ended up describing what I wanted to my mom and asking her to buy me cushions for my birthday. Target ended up coming through with these $10 floor cushions (so they aren't really weather-proof) that are amazing.

Check out the set-up:
I love the way the turquoise pops against the black chairs and the color of the house. Plus the cushions are super-comfy since they are so thick.

I will need to do my best to bring them in during bad weather, or buy some spray on weather coating to make them last longer. Has anyone ever used the weather coating sprays before? Any suggestions for what to buy?

In addition to the cushions I got this pot with the plants from my grandmother (it goes perfectly with the cushions!) and my dad is buying me a ceiling fan that we'll install on the deck.

I'm looking forward to enjoying my back deck with all my friends! This weekend we'll be cooking out and playing lawn games. How do you celebrate during the warmer months?

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