Friday, October 28

Tulsa's Turning Pink!

We've all seen the pink fire trucks, the sports teams toting pink reminders and the information about hundreds of fundraisers nation-wide. October is breast cancer awareness month and one of Tulsa's own, Judi Grove, challenged Tulsa bloggers to turn the web pink this month.

In 2007 Grove faced a breast cancer scare. She decided that there was a need to raise awareness in the community about breast cancer, and that's when Breast Impressions was born.

Judi Grove with a collection of decorated cast
The nonprofit began as a way to raise awareness and money for breast cancer, and the organization provides casting kits to cancer patients facing a mastectomy who would like a cast of their chest.

But many women--and a few men--have stepped forward to have their chests cast as well. Then the casts are decorated and auctioned off at the organization's annual fundraiser. These casts may be one of the most unique decorations to be found in a Tulsa home. The designs vary from the peacock feathers and mosaic styles shown in the photo to the right to quilt-like patches and beautiful paintings. Not only are the sculptures lovely, but they are a great way to start a conversation on how important cancer awareness is. You can order your own casting kit here.

Each year there are hundreds of events to raise money or awareness for breast cancer, as well as other cancers. What local events or organizations support the fight against cancer in your area? Does anyone have art as cool as the busts shown above?

Now just for fun (and some important info) check out this video.

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