Saturday, November 5

Photography: A Unique Display

The space needed art that was smaller and horizontal.
So I've focused several posts on my bathroom in the past few months. By now you are probably able to glance at the images with the green paint and automatically classify the posts as bathroom updates. Everything from an overview of the complete makeover to short updates. My latest update is something I'm so happy with.

I've thought the space over the toilet needed some artwork for a while, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Then I found a coupon on Living Social for Fracture. The coupon offered $40 credit on their website for only $20. Basically you choose any photo and upload it to their site, then you choose a size and whether you want a border. The image is printed directly on the glass and prepared to either hang or set on a table. Then they ship your order directly to you.

I'm thrilled with my purchase, I chose several floral images that my college roomie took and added a white border to unify the images. Then I hung them up in the space. Making sure they were hung evenly was probably the most difficult part. The only frustrating part is that you hang the images with a screw which tore larger holes in the wall than a nail would.

I have one more image that I ordered, I still need to decide where I'll hang it. But if you're looking for a creative way to display some of your photography you should check out Fracture!

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