Thursday, May 24

Use One Finger...Please!

You know what sucks? Unexpected problems like a leak or a broken faucet. I've dealt with both lately. A sink in my bathroom is leaking--luckily only the used water so I'm not paying for wasted water. The faucet handles in my tub were a bigger problem.

For over a year I managed to use my tub without any problem. Within six months I had two different visitors who each broke one of the handles completely off, I was left with two little stubs that required a complicated process involving a washcloth or wrench to grasp the nubs to turn on the water and then adjusting the temperature. Yikes!

When I saw a Living Social coupon for Mullin Plumbing I snapped it up. I had heard good things about Mullin so I wasn't worried about shoddy service or being put off indefinitely.

Turns out it was a great deal, $65 for $150 worth of services. I ended up paying about $95 after the coupon.

Initially I bought a new faucet, which was no small chore. Finding faucets that are the right style for my tub is exceptionally difficult. Most faucets either fit on the edge of the tub, have one central handle or have a third handle for the shower. I did find one, but in the process I discovered my faucet style must be extremely outdated. And faucets are very expensive.

However, when the plumber started looking at the project he suggested just repairing the old faucet handles. That turned out to be the better option since apparently the faucet I purchased, while the right style, would have meant replacing most of the pipes. There are so many factors you have to consider when shopping for electric or plumbing equipment!
Tub faucet, once it was repaired.
The plumber suggested telling company that the faucet handles only need one finger to adjust the flow. So if you ever happen to be showering at my house, please use just ONE FINGER!

Have you ever had a plumbing disaster? Run into roadblocks while redecorating or repairing something? Tell me your stories!


  1. The above photo of your faucet and handles looks like a face!!!

  2. It kind of does! I'm just glad I'm not trying to crank the little stubs to turn the water on or off anymore.


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