Sunday, August 26

You've Got Mail!

I bought a new mailbox!

I may not really need one, but I've had a few instances where mail I was expecting never arrived. So I decided to exchange my old mailbox for one with a lock. As a bonus my new mailbox has a flag and a space for outgoing mail.

I ordered the mailbox off Lowe's website and it actually arrived over a month ago. However, because my mailbox attaches to the house I knew I would need my dad's expertise (and power tools). The old mailbox wasn't as big so the existing screw anchors weren't in the right place for the new one.

Once Dad brought his power drill over it didn't take long to put up the new mailbox. He drilled the holes in the brick, slipped some anchors in place and we screwed the mailbox into place.

Hopefully, the locked mailbox will deter anyone who might be going through my mail (if that was the problem, it could be our postal service malfunctioning) and the extra security will be better regardless. Plus I might actually put outgoing mail in the mailbox now that it's a little more secure than my old mailbox.

The mailbox was on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but still cost me around $65. Everything cheaper didn't match my house or didn't have the features I wanted. 

Now that I have a bigger mailbox everyone can send me lots of mail!

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