Tuesday, August 14


My new monster recycling bin. Pictured next to the old one.

Tulsa is changing to a new trash program and my neighborhood just got our new garbage and recycling bins. With the new program our twice weekly pickup is changing to a once weekly pickup, but recycling is now included instead of being an addition added for a fee. 

It amazes me how divided our community has been over the decision to revise our trash program. Personally I was excited about the changes, especially the addition of recycling at no additional cost. I was surprised when I got my new bins and realized that the new recycling bin is half the size of my car! We were able to choose from three sizes for our garbage bins (with each size meaning a price difference in our billing), but the recycling bins were one size for everybody and it barely fits in my garage.

One article I read in the Tulsa World said that Tulsa's trash program was last updated back in the 70s. Recycling for at-home pickup wasn't even an option until a few years ago and its only in the past several months that we've been able to put aluminum cans or cardboard (among other items) in our recycling bins.

The arguments and complaints about the new program made me realize that how far behind some other cities Tulsa is. A few years ago I visited Seattle. They not only have public recycling bins next to all trash cans but also public compost bins! Yet in Tulsa people will throw something in the trash even if a recycling bin is two feet away. I hope that having recycling as a designated part of our regular program will encourage more Tulsans to recycle and help our city move forward.

Today was the first day I used the new bins. I do think there are a few kinks to work out, but overall I'm liking the new program. My only problem now is what to do with my old garbage cans. No one in Tulsa needs them anymore!

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