Saturday, November 10

Have a Seat!

I've been debating what to do with my front flowerbed for a while. The bed is so deep that it's hard to put enough stuff in it to keep it looking full. My front porch looks pretty nice with the pots that I've added, but between the mortality rate of anything I plant and the size of the flowerbeds, my curb appeal isn't great.

I considered buying a fountain or a large pot to fill up part of the flowerbed, but ran into a few problems with both those ideas.
  • I've got bulbs planted and it would be a hassle to find them and replant them.
  • Fountains generally need an electric outlet and I don't have one in the front yard. I also don't have a spigot in the front to make refilling a fountain as the water evaporates easy.
  • If I put a pot out front I'd have to fill it with plants that would only look nice if they stay alive.
Since big pots and fountains are expensive without all the upkeep and additional projects (like having an electrical socket installed) I began to consider something like a bench or garden sculpture.

I began leaning toward the idea of a bench fairly quickly. 

When I started looking though it seemed like all my options were either cheaply made or way out of my price range (one that I found was over $1,200!).

After looking online, at our local Lowe's and Southwood Nursery I stopped by a place in Jenks where I bought my chiminea a few years ago. Cobber Dean's has plants, but mostly they sell a variety of chimineas and outdoor fireplaces, garden sculpture and outdoor furniture.

Honestly, I wasn't even sure what the place was named--I had to look it up on my bank account. They are located on Main Street right in front of the River City Trading Post. But compared to other places I've shopped their prices are amazing. My bench cost $89, plus tax. And I remember my chiminea was much more reasonably priced than other places as well.

Before we even walked in we saw this bench and thought it would be perfect. The white matches the trim and stands out against the brick. The size doesn't overwhelm the space, but it adds some height to the flowerbed. And since it isn't solid like concrete it won't cover any bulbs I may have planted.

Next spring I'm planning to repaint the bench. Right now the paint is starting to flake off. I like the antiqued look it has, but I think it will look better if it has more white and less of the metal showing.

I'm also planning to arrange a few brightly colored smaller pots around the bench. But not much point in doing that until the weather is warm again--although today was positively balmy with temps in the 70s. It was the perfect day to catch up on projects like planting, watering or washing the car (which my neighbors across the street are doing).

I could also buy a cushion for the bench, but I kind of like how it looks without one.
This shot gives you a view of the pots on the front porch that I mentioned.
I also bought a bush to replace one in the flowerbed that died a couple of summers ago. I got that in the ground today since the weather is supposed to turn wintery on Monday. My hope is that by planting it now instead of in the sprint that it will be well established by next summer and not be as affected by the heat. The last two summers were so hot that I just couldn't keep up with my poor plants.

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