Wednesday, November 21

Let There Be Light!

My pendant lights are installed!
Finally! On Monday I was able to get an electrician to come out and install the lights that I posted about a while ago. I originally started thinking about this project in 2010. I even had an electrician give me a price quote before I had a financial set back and ended up putting the project on hold.

In the process...
I already had the light fixtures, but since there weren't already lights over my bar area I had to have an electrician install the wiring. What surprised me was how hard it was to pin down an electrician! With all the complaints about the economy I thought finding someone to do a job right before the holidays would be pretty easy. However, I wanted to use someone that was recommended so I wouldn't worry about safety or the quality of the work.

I called the company that gave me a price quote back in 2010, but after talking to the receptionist twice and never getting a call back I moved on.

The second electrician I spoke to sounded interested, then I never heard back from him. Even after calling and leaving another voicemail. I finally found an electrician who was able to come out Monday morning (which was perfect since I already had the day off).

They drilled holes from the attic for the wiring and made a second double switch where the light switch for my kitchen is.

The guys were really careful to make as little mess as they could and by the time they left I think my kitchen was cleaner than when they arrived!
Something that I hadn't considered until my electrician, Jason Camp, asked was buying light bulbs for the new fixtures. Luckily he had some that fit. He said that it happens all the time; he'll finish installing 100 light fixtures and there won't be a single bulb for any of them. Light bulbs were especially important because he needed to test that the wiring was connected correctly. And as it turned out one of the wires on the middle light actually came loose so the light didn't work when he checked it. He had to take the housing off again and reconnect the wire.

See how the one on the end looks orange?
Interestingly, the light on the end closest to the wall turns orange once the lights are on. When the lights are off all the shades appear the same color of red. I'm not sure what causes the different color, but I'm debating moving it to the middle so it doesn't look as awkward.

Do you think it looks strange?

I'm so excited to finally get this project checked off my list. Not only do I now have beautiful lighting over my bar (an area that didn't get much light), but the cabinet where I was storing the glass pendant lights and light kits is now freed up for other storage!

I went ahead and rearranged the cabinets and cleaned up my laundry room Sunday evening after taking everything out for the electrician. I was amazed by how much space I had. The lights take up a lot less room hanging over the bar then they did in storage.

What do you think? Doesn't the pop of color add to the space?

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