Sunday, February 3

A Chilly Breeze

You may remember a while back when I had Mullin Plumbing out to repair the faucet handles in my tub. In order to do the work the plumber had to remove the panel accessing the pipes to the tub. Since removing the panel messed up the paint job around the edges I told him not to replace the panel since I wanted to touch up the paint first.

Of course, that was when the weather was warm.

Getting the insulation ready to put in.
Weeks later I still hadn't found the time to fix the panel and I started noticing a chilly breeze in the restroom. Replacing the panel quickly became a priority. That's also around the time that I remembered to check the vents to my crawl space. Every single one was open. Oops. Once I closed all the vents the chill in my bathroom was noticeably less, but I still needed to get the panel in place so I could stop heating my crawl space.

I borrowed my dad's drill and some extra insulation he had so that even once the panel was back in place the breeze wouldn't get in. I cut a section of the insulation, fitted it into the opening (paper side out) and put the panel in place. The tricky part was that the frame didn't offer much for the screws to grab hold to and the insulation was thick enough that trying to hold the panel in place until the screws were in place was frustrating. It also didn't help that the panel is so close to the toilet that I couldn't use the drill for the screws on the left. I had to track down my screwdriver.

It always amazes me how a project you put off for ages can take less than 10 minutes once you take the time to get started.

The job all finished!

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