Saturday, February 16

Just Hangin'

I've been trying to reorganize my cabinets so that I can make space for all the stuff I brought back from my gramma's house--mainly her standing mixer (circa 1970).

One of the things taking up a lot of cabinet space in my laundry room was the tabletop ironing board that I use once every five years or so. It is too wide to push flat against the back of the cabinets so it was hogging up half the space in the laundry room cabinets.

In a moment of brilliance I decided to hang it on the wall instead of storing it in the cabinet. Why not? The fabric cover has a pretty pattern and it isn't so heavy that it needs more than a couple nails. Plus it's more easily accessible on the wall than it was in the cabinet, who knows maybe I'll actually iron stuff more often now! Of course, I'll need to stick to clothing I don't care much about since I'm notoriously bad at ironing. I wouldn't want to burn a hole in anything like I did my high school graduation gown.

My laundry room has been one of those rooms that hasn't received much TLC since I moved in. I don't spend much time in there, but I'm trying to make it a more welcoming space. With that goal in mind I've been clearing out clutter, reorganizing storage and adding art to the walls.

I went to a painting class with my friend Karen recently and we painted owls (the theme for the night). I initially thought my sister might want the painting for her dorm room, but apparently owls are "creepy". So I hung it in my laundry room instead since I think my owls turned out pretty cute.

Here's a close up of my painting, it's hard to make out the detail in a photo. I used the paint to create a lot of texture.

I've considered painting the laundry room a brighter color, like a sunny yellow or soft orange. Of course, someday I would like to add a second bathroom to my house by moving the washer/dryer hookups to the opposite corner of the room and adding a toilet, sink and shower to the other half of the room (with a wall to divide the bathroom from the laundry). For now that project is out of my price range. And I'm not even sure if it is feasible space-wise.

In addition to sprucing up my laundry room I've been working on getting my spare bedroom fixed up. Since my brother moved out I haven't done much with it, but now I'd like to create a cohesive look for the room (without spending a fortune). I'll be sure to update you on my progress!

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