Thursday, December 5

Influenster: Rose Voxbox

I got another box of free products from Influenster a couple weeks ago. Among the awesome items were Belvita breakfast bars, Dr. Scholl's cozy boot pads, Rimmel London mascara, Kiss nail polish and a Lindor chocolate truffle (delicious as usual).
Basically the perfect box for the time of year when colder weather and earlier sunsets drives you inside most evenings. 


I had never tried Belvita bars before and was a little skeptical. The package wasn't large and the bars don't look very appetizing. However, I had them for breakfast with hot tea one morning at work and was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did they keep me full for most of the day but they tasted like cinnamon graham crackers!
I mentioned them on Facebook and had several friends comment on how much they love them, I can't believe I had never tried them before. Next time I'm purchasing breakfast bars to keep at my desk I'll probably get a box of these. 

Dr. Scholl's

I put the Dr. Scholl's cozy cushions in a pair of dress boots that I wear to work a lot. The boots needed the extra cushioning, but the cozy cushions were even better since they keep my feet toasty even in the bitter cold weather we've had lately. The cushions come in a size 6-10 and you cut them to size based on the lines marked on the bottom. Since I'm a 7 1/2 I had to guess a little, but I likely would have needed to trim them to fit the boots anyway.

Rimmel London

The Rimmel London mascara came at the perfect time since I just finished my last tube of mascara. I love the way the mascara makes my lashes long and defined, but it isn't as water resistant as my Mary Kay Lash Love mascara. It smudges easily until it completely dries and I think it would come off if I cried or went swimming with it on. Luckily I don't usually jump in the water when the temperature in 30 degrees. Overall it is a great product, but I would probably purchase a waterproof version.

I had a lot of fun dressing up and doing my eye makeup with the mascara though. It definitely gives my lashes a thicker look and I rarely do more than just mascara and lipstick. However, this product really pops when you add eye liner and shadow as well. 


I think the product I had the most fun with was the gold Kiss nail polish. The polish comes in three bottles and you apply it to create a gradient that ends in sequins. My sister and I gave ourselves manicures. It's tricky to create the perfect gradient look like the package shows and I think next time I may use the sequins with a color, with the upcoming holidays red with gold sequins would be very festive.


I let my brother enjoy the Lindt Lindor truffle. I've had them before and love them, especially the dark chocolate, but the box came not long after Halloween and I had eaten so many sweets that I knew he'd enjoy it more. Which he did.
Overall this was a great selection of products and I love that I got the chance to try them out. If anyone wants a manicure let me know!

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