Tuesday, November 5

A Little Breeze

My dad came over this weekend and helped me install a birthday present from a couple years ago.

The finished product in action!
There was a light fixture on my back porch, but I really wanted a ceiling fan out there so the outdoor eating area is more usable during the summer months. We purchased an outdoor ceiling fan and light kit several months ago, but hadn't gotten around to installing it until today. Of course with the weather really cooling down I won't have much use for it until spring.

Getting Started

After removing the old light our first step was to put the brace in place so the new fan had something to connect to. Then my started connecting the wires to the new fixture. All you needed was a pair of wire cutters to connect the wires from the house to the ones in the fan and electrical tape to insulate the wires once they were connected. Everything else was included in the kit with the fan. The wires are color-coded, but luckily my dad has done this before and knew what he was doing.

Once all the wires were connected we screwed the main fixture into place and started putting on the fan blades. That was all pretty simple, mostly just a matter of making sure we put the right screws in the right place.

Then came the light kit (which we had to purchase separately from the fan). The light kit had more wires that had to be connected which my dad handled. Then we added a light bulb and I began screwing more screws in!

See it in Action! 

Does it help you finally understand why cats and babies find fans so fascinating? (Me neither, but I do like the fan.)

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