Sunday, January 26

A Turquoise Filing Cabinet

When I moved into my house my dad let me steal an extra filing cabinet from his house. It is just your basic two drawer ugly gray filing cabinet, but I needed a place to store important papers so I shoved it in a closet and occasionally got around to filing my papers.

Then I saw this online:

The picture sparked my memory and I remembered that I have almost a full can of turquoise paint left from when I painted my lamp.

So I had the brilliant idea of painting the ugly gray filing cabinet and using it as an end table in the office (like I do with the one I painted red when I lived in my first apartment) instead of taking up valuable closet space hiding it.

The red filing cabinet.
I put down a plastic painting tarp I had in the spare bedroom (to make sure I didn't mess up my hardwood floors) and got started.

It took four coats of paint before the paint was thick enough to not look streaky, but the finished product looks great! I moved my smaller plastic drawer cabinet into the closet and put the filing cabinet in the corner by the sofa in the office. I love the way it looks, plus since it's larger it has plenty of space for the lamp that was always kind of crowded on the plastic cabinet.

When I painted my other filing cabinet I considered spray paint, but I have a hard time finding spray paint in the bright colors I prefer. Plus I can use liquid paint inside which is nice at this time of year.

My experience with spray paint also makes me think using liquid paint gives me more control over coverage and where the paint ends up. I've had a couple of mishaps with spray paint where the finished product doesn't look as good as I'd hoped.

What do you think? Have you ever given a filing cabinet a makeover?

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