Wednesday, January 15

The Big Bad Pig Is Gone!

Well, the boar head that's hung in my spare room for ages is finally gone!

My brother Burns recently started a new job in Montana and is moving into his first place. He's been gathering all the things that you need when you start out on your own, including art and decorations. 

Since Spencer still isn't somewhere that he can hang art he told Burns he could have the boar temporarily for his new place.

I've been trying to get rid of that ugly thing for almost two years! Half the people who come over to stay are terrified of sleeping in the same room and although it didn't bother me it also wasn't the style I was going for.

Since my grandmother is going through her things and gradually getting rid of stuff I asked if I could take one of Granddaddy's paintings for my house. I hung the one I chose in the place where the boar head was previously.

My granddaddy painted for years, mostly with oils and we have a variety of landscapes and other paintings that he made. This one was a landscape he painted of West Texas.

Artist: B. Wallace McDowell

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