Tuesday, May 27

Utility Sink

The finished product.
A couple of years ago my dad bought me a utility sink for my birthday. This year as my birthday approaches, we finally got around to installing it.

Attaching the faucet to the tub.
It isn't large, but I needed a sink that I could use for messy projects like washing the dog or dying clothes. And it will be perfect for that. I can also temporarily hook up a hose to the faucet to water the plants in my front yard so I won't need to drag the hose from the backyard around the house.

It was fairly easy to install since the old washing machine hookups were still in the garage. When the previous owner moved the laundry room inside they just capped off the pipes. So we turned off the water and then cut off the caps.

The tricky part was making sure we had the right pieces before cutting off the pipe caps since we couldn't turn the water back on until the project was done. Dad actually ended up making two trips to the hardware store since we forgot something on our first trip. But he actually returned some of the things we got on trip #1 in favor of a different option.

The pipes after we cut off the caps and
before we attached the new connections.
Once the pipe caps were removed we used a plumbing sealant to attach the new fixtures. These had faucet shut offs so I can turn off the water at the wall if needed. The sealant needed to dry for two hours before the water could be turned back on, but meanwhile we finished connecting the plumbing and sink drain to the basin.

Attaching the new connections!
We also bought a drain cover for the garage drain, something that's been on my to do list for a while.

We still need to anchor the sink to the floor since the ground isn't even near the drain, but overall I think the project went very smoothly and I'm excited to have one more thing checked off my to-do list!

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