Tuesday, February 1

Blizzard...the "B" Word

I figured since snow is on everyone's minds today I would share a few pictures from Tulsa.

Breakfast in a Blizzard is Snow Ice Cream.
Someone did not make it safely out of the neighborhood.
Despite the car serving as a warning, Spencer decided to try
to make it to Wal-Mart for milk and other necessities.
Braum's was OUT of milk last night when I went. OUT OF MILK, they're a DAIRY store!

I'm guessing about 14"
Oliver wanted to go outside too, I figured he wouldn't get too far in the snow.

He didn't.
He kept trying to walk behind the bushes since the drifts weren't as tall, but he would get stuck when he got to St. Francis. He couldn't figure out how to get around it.

So Spencer rescued him. Repeatedly.

And then did this (and I made him do it again for video, such a great mommy I am):

FYI, we never did manage to get the car out. Enjoy the weather from home folks!


  1. Every self-respecting man HAS to throw their animals in the snow when it's that deep. It's in the Man Club Rules I am sure! It technically should have been in a snow drift 6 feet high, but a front yard will do!

  2. lol, yeah my brother likes rough-housing with Ollie. It was funny because he kept wanting to go out, but he got so cold that he would want right back in.

  3. I just can't bring myself to even step a toe out in the stuff and neither can little Clayton. The Hubby had to clear him a path to do his biz. I'm perfectly content inside with my paint brush.

  4. I had to clear an area on the deck for Ollie too. Poor guy just gets buried in the stuff! I haven't felt the need to go out too much yet, but I did want to walk over to Wal-Mart today. If only the snow would just stop!


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