Sunday, June 5

Installing a Peep Hole

One of the selling points of my house was the front door. It's gorgeous.  Solid wood with a beautiful design. There were only two problems with it.
  1. The design allows for some hairline cracks that let my heat and A/C escape and the outdoor weather in.
  2. There was no window or peep hole.
Both are pretty easy fixes, but the peep hole was a priority for me. Not having a window is actually pretty practical for a front door, but it was important for me to be able to check who was at the door before I open it.

A couple weeks after I moved in my dad brought his drill over and we bought a peephole at Lowe's. Less than an hour later I was able to peer through my front door to see who's at the door.

I'm actually glad we installed this because I was able to place the peephole at a level that is easy for me to see out of. And this project is one I could probably have done myself (with the help of my dad's tool kit anyway). We took his drill and (making sure the bit was the right size) put a hole through the door. The most important part is making sure the hole is completely straight. Once you have the hole you just put the peephole pieces through each side and screw them together firmly.

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