Wednesday, July 24

New Job, New Start

Art by Grace Grothaus
Lately offices have been on my mind. I have a new job which means I need to add some color to my new cube. So while I'm trying to decide what to take to the office I thought I'd share some pictures from one of my last office spaces.

Making it Pretty
I think it's important for a work space to be visually pleasing, it makes me feel more relaxed and productive. I've made some serious progress with my home office/hobby room, but now that I have a new full-time job that project will probably need to go back on hold. I have a vision, I just need to make it happen.

At my last job I added touches of color such as this lamp (now gracing a hallway bookshelf), the above painting by my friend Grace (now featured in my living room), framed photographs, the mirror and these awesome wall carvings from Vietnam (shown below).

Vietnamese wooden carving.
At my last job the walls of my cubicle were real walls and there were enough holes in the wall already that a few more didn't matter. The office space at my new job doesn't allow for me to hang up as many things. For one thing most of my walls are that soft material that you can't put nails in. However, I did take my mirror and there were a couple of posters and a small lamp already there. I'm also considering a larger lamp to give my space a light source that is more welcoming than the overhead lights.

Organize It
Luckily the paperwork I inherited is pretty well-organized. There's a lot to go through and as I begin creating my own system I might change a few things, but for the most part I think the current system will work well.

Keeping paperwork manageable is a constant battle. At home I installed wall organizers (seen below). I chose a clear plastic option because it meant I could use the brightly patterned file folders to add another pop of color to the room. The file folders are almost like art! Plus it's a great way to save on desk space (which I have a shortage of at home).

Plan Ahead
Wall organizers
in my home office.
While the wall organizers are a start for the home office, I have several plans in the works.
  1. Paint the desk set. You can see the start of that project here.
  2. I recently replaced the sofa in my office with the smaller sleeper sofa from my living room. I got a new sofa from a friend (for free!) and decided I didn't need three couches. It was sad to let go of the couch I'd had since graduating college, especially since it was really comfortable, but I donated it to Catholic Charities so at least I know it will be used for a great cause. My brother was disappointed to see his "reading couch" go.
  3. Eventually I may give into my family's urging and buy a new desk. So far I haven't because: a) I can't afford a desk of the quality and style I would want and b) If I decide not to keep the desk I currently have there is no where else for it to go. Dad's already threatening to get rid of the matching dresser and Mom has the lingerie chest. I would love to save the set in case I have a daughter someday. Plus I think that the new paint job will give the set a whole new life.
  4. Add more storage.

So What I Am Doing...
I'm guessing about now some of you are thinking, "New job?! What are you doing now?"

My boss bought me some
chocolates in Santa Fe
as a thank you for all I do.
So sweet!
Well, I'm really excited about this newest opportunity. I've joined the development department at Gilcrease Museum. So basically I found a job that uses my work experience AND my history degree. Who would have thought it possible?

So far I've been helping with membership and event planning. I love the job and I love Gilcrease. I had no idea what an asset the museum is to our community until I began working there. We have a certified copy of the Declaration of Independence, one of the few in existence other than the original in Washington, D.C. We also have more Thomas Moran paintings than most other museums and a plethora of artifacts and documents recording the history of the Americas from Canada to South America. It's an amazing collection.

I'll try to update you on how it goes, but mainly I'm just loving working at a museum. Plus the museum is affiliated with the University of Tulsa which means I get the perks of being an university employee. Maybe I'll decide whether law school or a masters degree program is a route I want to seriously consider (I've toyed with the idea in the past) now that I'll get free tuition.

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