Thursday, August 1

The Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains

I just experienced my longest power outage since the ice storm Oklahoma had in 2007. A little over a week ago a storm with 76 mph winds swept through, took out limbs, whole trees and power to over 100,000 home in the Tulsa area.

The main downside to this storm happening in the summer is that it is warm out so you can't even put your groceries on the back porch to keep them cold. On the positive side though it wasn't miserably hot like it usually is this time of year so it wasn't impossible to be in the house without power. My house never got warmer than 80 degrees, which while not particularly comfortable isn't unbearable.

The neighbors camped under their carport.

Luckily both my parents had power so I loaded up Ollie and a whole refrigerator worth of groceries and headed south. Of course, I never expected to be a nomad for almost five days.

The storm was pretty impressive, my giant maple tree was bowing under the pressure of the wind. I was pretty lucky. My tomato plants are all twisted, but I only lost a few small limbs (none of which were the dead ones that need to be taken out of course). In contrast some of my neighbors lost whole trees.

New Start

I was without power from Tuesday until Saturday night, during my first week at the new job. Which I love. If you're ever in the Tulsa area you should check out Gilcrease Museum.

The museum was founded by Tulsa oilman Thomas Gilcrease and purchased by the City of Tulsa in the 50s through a bond issue. Gilcrease collected art, historical documents and artifacts from the western hemisphere which means the collection includes some of the most impressive items of American history from Canada to South America and the east coast to west. We also have a certified copy of the Declaration of Independence and a huge collection of art by Thomas Moran.

I'm working in the development department which means that I'm using both my work experience AND my history degree. What are the chances?

Another Year

August is also the time of year that I celebrate my homeownership anniversary. I moved in on Aug. 1, 2009 which makes today the start of year four. I've made a lot of changes over the past several years. Including refinancing, building a deck, planting (and killing) things in the flowerbeds, painting the bathroom, installing pendant lights and so much more. Love this place!

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