Thursday, October 17

The Switch-A-Roo

I love how the couch was just made for my house.
Recently a friend of mine decided to buy a new couch. Even better she decided to give away her "old" couch for free--to me! The couch is red and very modern looking which fits perfectly in my house.

However, the new couch meant I now had three couches. And my house just isn't big enough for that many large pieces of furniture, so I decided to get rid of one of the two couches I already had. Of those one was a sleeper sofa and the other was a ridiculously comfortable--but very worn--sofa I bought from my aunt when I got my first apartment after college.

Spencer asked where they were taking
his "reading couch" when I sent him this picture.
I decided to keep the sleeper sofa since it comes in handy when I have a lot of company. Spencer had talked about wanting the other couch, but he isn't in a place where he can have his own furniture right now.

So after a month or so of posting the couch on Craigslist and maneuvering around the excessive number of couches in my house I called Catholic Charities and offered to donate the sofa if they could come pick it up. And bring enough people to help load and unload, an especially tricky task since the sofa was 7 1/2 feet long and had to be taken through the front window.

The couch was in my home office and was too long to get through the hallway of my house. Luckily my front windows are the kind that both panes fold down for cleaning and the screen easily pops in and out. We got the sofa (and my craft table) into the room through the windows so I knew that would be how we would need to get the couch out. Unfortunately its a three person job so I had to make sure the people from Catholic Charities knew to have a couple of people come. Even then one of the women who came was in a skirt!

Once the extra sofa was gone I roped a couple of my brothers into helping me move the sleeper sofa (which is ridiculously heavy) into the office. Luckily it is a shorter sofa so we were able to move it through the hallway and door (although not without some hassle).

But here it is:

One of the most comfortable
sleeper sofas I've ever slept on!
It actually makes more sense for the sleeper sofa to be in the office. This way if I do have enough company that we need to pull out the extra bed they'll still be in a room with a door, giving my guests a bit more privacy than the living room offers.

Meanwhile I'd like to mention how awesome my brothers and Dad are. Burns lent me his shiny new truck to pick up the new couch from my friend Sarah, then he and Dad helped me load and unload it. Garrison and Taggert helped me move the heavy sleeper sofa and Spencer has helped me move furniture multiple times in the past.

And of course, Sarah is amazing for giving me a great couch for free!

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