Monday, October 28

It's Finally Fall

Fall is finally here and I have gotten into the decorating this year! Pinterest has some great ideas that are so easy!

I tend to go for fall decorations that are pretty generic so that it can stay up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love the wreath I have (above) because it is plain wood and I can add whatever I want to make it work for the season. I got it for $10 at The Herbal Affair in Sand Springs a few years ago. This year I wrapped it with a string of cranberries, its great because now I can leave it up through the winter too.

I did run into one snag. My new storm door means that any wreath I hang cannot be too thick since there is limited space. Luckily I tend to keep decorations pretty simple.

For my centerpiece I bought a simple glass vase, put a pillar candle that I already had in it and put a potpourri mix from Michaels that was made of small pine cones around it. I used a table runner I got from MaryFair a few years ago (perfect for almost every fall centerpiece I've done) and voila!

Simple and elegant.

I also bought a really pretty pumpkin from a place called Ranalli's in Tontitown, Ark. If you're ever there, stop and try the grapes. Or buy a pumpkin, apples or even a bag of mixed nuts. Seriously, the place is worth the stop.

I can't wait until Halloween, I love seeing all the trick or treaters that come by. And since the pumpkin I bought is a good pie pumpkin I might make a pumpkin pie from scratch for Thanksgiving this year!

Our weather has been so beautiful this fall with only a few miserably cold and rainy days. This weekend I'm enjoying the windows being open and the sun shining!

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